Search for the Winter Soldier Leads to London in Captain America #18

Steve Epting returns to penciling duties to join writer Ed Brubaker for the start of an action-packed thriller in London with the Star-Spangled Avenger in Captain America #18.

With the belief that his former sidekick is still alive, Captain America takes his search for the Winter Soldier to London. Unfortunately, it’s not going to be all tea and crumpets for Cap as his search becomes a race against destruction in the first part of “Twenty-First Century Blitz.”

Along the way, Captain America will also meet up with some old friends, including another familiar flag-wearing superhero. Cap is going to need all the help he can get because the psychotic duo of Sin and Crossbones have crossed the pond over to London as well.

Plus, the connection between General Lukin and the Red Skull takes an interesting twist.

Don’t miss out on the beginning of an all-new story arc for the book that Wizard named the best book of 2005 in Captain America #18.

6 page Digital Comic preview of Captain America #18.

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