A Frightful Return and a Zombie Prison Break in Ultimate Fantastic Four #30

Ultimate Fantastic Four #30 kicks off “Frightful” which sees not only the return of Doom, but the introduction of the Ultimate Frightful Four as well. And if the deck wasn’t stacked enough against the FF, the zombies held captive in the Baxter Building since the “Crossover” storyline make their escape.

There will be a variant cover for Ultimate Fantastic Four #30 featuring a zombie rendition of the original Fantastic Four #1 by Arthur Suydam, the man behind the uber-popular covers and variant covers of the Marvel Zombies series. Plus, there will a sketch variant of Greg Land’s stunning cover featuring the zombie FF and Doom.

Millar and Land’s year-long run has all been building towards this 3-issue arc. And you better bet this super-star creative team is going to put the FF through the wringer one last time before they’re done.

Don’t miss out on the beginning of the stunning finale to Millar and Land’s heralded run in Ultimate Fantastic Four #30 as the Ultimate FF face the biggest challenge yet in their young careers.

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