Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes

I really enjoy the new Supergirl series. Even though the stories seem to be less about plot and more about the fight of the month I still like them for some reason. The art is decent… maybe that’s it. Whatever the reason, I figured I’d give Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes a chance. #17 was released this week and so I paid an extra 50 cents for issue #16 in plastic (with backer-board) and gave it a read.

Maybe it’s the whiskey I’ve been sipping… maybe it’s the crappy writing and crappier art…. no, it’s definitely the crappy writing and crappier art: this comic is useless.

The hollow dialogue mixed with boring art and a very slow story line makes for a terrible comic book. I suppose traveling to the future means that Kara (Supergirl) is stricken with a sever case of mental retardation. Just take a look at her first few lines:

Supergirl being an idiot

Awww Kelly Pickler… er, I mean Supergirl… you’re so cute… er, I mean stupid!

Kara: “Hi. Is everyone all right?
Kara: “Is that a ‘yes’…?”
Cosmic Boy:I’d say. And if you’re who I think you are, it’s an honor to meet you!”
Kara: “It is?”
Cosmic Boy:Are you?
Kara: “Wait, what?”
Cosmic Boy: “Because either way, we owe you our gratitude. That was an amazing save!
Kara: “Oh, please. I’d call that a team effort. I’ve been flying at top speed for days trying to catch that behemoth before it hit something populated.
Kara: “If you hadn’t slowed it down, I’d never have stopped it from hitting… hitting… say… where am I?”

Oh, Supergirl! Will you never learn??

Klar covered from head to toe

Klar’s so modest!

Within the first several pages consistency was thrown out the window. Case in point:
In the first panel of page one Klar (a man of the future) is getting angry over the “Legion kids” being “congregated” outside of his house. His wife tells him to come away from the window because someone might see him and he’s “barely clothed”… The fact is, only his face and hands are exposed.
Fair enough. Looks like in the year 3007 modesty will have been taken to the extreme. Yet 4 pages later Klar has raised an angry mob against the “Legion kids”.

Mob of people

Check out the garb… These people need a lesson in modesty!

That mob is outside in various states of dress. One of them is wearing a short sleeved shirt, none of them are covering their faces, and there’s even a woman with her belly exposed.
Sure this crowed was rushed from their homes outside to confront the teens, so some of them should be “exposed”… but all of them? That seems like a bit of a stretch to me. Consistency people… It’s no that hard!

Supergirl looking weird

Uh oh! Supergirl has turned 2-D!!

The art in this comic is bad. Not the worst I’ve seen mind you, but it feels very rushed and run of the mill. That really doesn’t help the overall flow of the comic.

I believe that this series was rushed in to production to follow on the heels of the Supergirl title’s success. I recommend passing this series up unless you’re a huge Supergirl fan, a collector of The Legion of Super-heroes, or a masochist.

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