Son of M Races To Its Finish With Civil War Repercussions

Quicksilver is running a deadly race with not only his life but the life of his daughter Luna in Son of M #6. Plus, his tunnel-vision just may prove to have dire consequences for many others besides just himself and Luna as this mini-series that bridges the gap between House of M and Civil War comes to a close.

Son of M continues to garner critical acclaim such as the review by Adam White on where he said, “Hine and Martinez have put together a great miniseries here and have set the groundwork for much bigger and better things for both Pietro and themselves.”

The Inhumans have been on Pietro’s trail trying to recover the Terrigen mists he had stolen, but how much damage will Pietro do before they catch him? Having betrayed the trust and tradition of the Inhumans, Pietro is going to learn first-hand that the Inhumans are not a forgiving lot.

The Inhumans search also brings them face-to-face with the last surviving Genoshans and the confrontation’s result will be horrific. And where is Magneto during all of this?

Don’t miss out on the conclusion to the acclaimed mini-series Son of M because the finale will have direct repercussions on the upcoming Civil War.

Son of M #6 cover Son of M #6 page 1 Son of M #6 page 2 Son of M #6 page 3 Son of M #6 page 4 Son of M #6 page 5

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