Batman and Robin: Dark Betrayal

A few days ago I found a message waiting in my inbox from Kourosh Rahimpour. Neurons churned to life in my inebriated mind… Kourosh was back! The subject of this completely unexpected email?


I starred at the bold letters in awe and wonder. Dare I read this email? Perhaps the great Mr. Rahimpour was simply writing to inform me he could no longer fulfill him promise of a sequel, dashing not only my hopes, but the hopes of all loyal Kourosh-ites to tiny little unreconcilable pieces.

Who’s Kourosh Rahumour do you ask? The greatest director since Alfred Hitchcock, the greatest writer since Shakespeare, and the greatest actor since Fred Savage.

Like many of you I didn’t fully appreciate his first film upon first viewing. I wrote a scathing review and hoped I would never lay eyes on another work of Kourosh. Yet after watching Batman: Defenders of the Night 10 or 12 more times I was nearly ready to quit my job and follow the ways of Kourosh (you know: move back to my parents house and make little known Batman films with my gay buddies).

Kourosh somehow caught wind of my review and replied to it, swearing that he would return with a sequel.

After becoming a follower I patched things up with Rahimpour and interviewed the man behind the film himself. That was five months ago.

Flash-forward to May 9th. I’m in front of the computer. The email is in front of me. I click it, and read:

Hey Joe,
hope all is well. Here is the long awaited sequel I promised you.

Edit: (receding URL has been updated as the last one was broken).

My hands shook. My teeth chattered. Kourosh hadn’t betrayed his promise!

The film in review (spoilers… watch the film first!)

Batman and Robin laying back to back on a wall

The title of the film is Batman and Robin: Dark Betrayals and it’s nearly 4 minutes longer than Batman: Defenders of the Night. Four minutes longer and ten times funnier.There were several moments when I literally laughed out loud.
The short film centers around Batman’s quest to find Robin, who seems to be on a crime wave.

Dark Betrayals features the first appearance of Commissioner Gordon who is played by Michael, the same actor who play the Riddler in Defenders of the Night. His portrayal of Gordon is much funnier, and happens to be one of my favorite scenes: Batman sneaks up on the Commissioner in his “office”, dirty laundry is lying against one of the walls. Gordon is pouring over a hand drawn Wanted poster of Robin. He claims that Robin has turned up in “robberies, smut shots and all sorts of illegal activities.” Cut to Robin dealing drugs on the street. Comic gold!

Robin laying in cheesecake pose

Arvin’s portrayal of an evil Robin was very funny, especially the afore mentioned drug scene. If these guys decide to make a third film I would absolutely love to see more Arvin.

After discovering that Robin is actually a thug in disguise, Kourosh gives us one of the worst cuts of the film (on purpose). It goes like this:

Batman tackles Robin (played by Arvin Tounian). Cut to a close shot of Batman on top of Robin getting ready to beat him to a pulp. Robin is now played by a completely different, unnamed actor.

Robin fighting and then switched with imposter.

His clothes have changed from the typical Robin costume to black sweat pants and a cut off shirt, and he’s sporting a paper mustache and beard. Hilarious!

There’s a great reference to Defenders of the Night. When “Robin” is attempting to scale a bride he says “I wish Batman were here!”. In Defenders of the Night Batman helped the struggling Robin to climb a bridge.

The acting in the film was better. The fight scene at the end of the film was a bit more realistic. The editing was leaps and bounds above the first film, and the sound was improved slightly.

I do wish music was used a little more sparingly, and when used that it didn’t muffle the actor’s voices… but who am I to question the unfaltering genius that is Kourosh Rahimpour?

So now you know what I think of this amazing gem. Watch the film and let myself, Kourosh and the rest of the crew know what you think.

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  1. Excellent, sheer genius. I foresee an Oscar nomination. I am waiting for the 3rd film. Good going Karkoush!

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