Straight from the Trenches-Civil War: Front Line Podcast

Join writer Paul Jenkins, Editor Tom Brevoort, and Associate Editor Cory Sedlmeier as they provide insight into the upcoming Civil War: Front Line series. This accompanying 10-issue series to Civil War covers all the ins, outs, and outcasts of the War-and the division it creates.

Helping to stir debate, Front Line’s “Embedded” story arc will cover the war from the point of view of two embedded reporters from rival papers. Meanwhile, the “Accused” story arc will address the consequences that face the lone survivor of the New Warriors who is blamed for the Stamford tragedy that was the catalyst to war.

Using extensive research of wartime journalism and soldier’s letters and diaries, Jenkins’s Front Line will prove to be the most realistic and provocative account of embedded journalists and entrenched heroes ever to be inked onto a comic book page.

Go to and listen to the podcast and hear what kind of Civil War backlash is brewing in the pages of Front Line.

Jam-packed with battles, betrayals, and cover-to-cover action, the 32-page (no ads!) 10-issue, bi-weekly Civil War: Front Line goes on sale June 7 for just $2.99 per issue!

Front line podcast

Front Line #1 cover

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