Bomb Queen Blasts Her way Back to Stores

Las Vegas, the city of sin, vice, and bright lights is about to explode in the new BOMB QUEEN vs. BLACKLIGHT 1-SHOT!

Coming hot on the heels of the sold-out BOMB QUEEN mini-series, this over-the-top satire is written by SCOTT WHERLE (Blacklight) and illustrated by Bomb Queen’s JIMMIE ROBINSON!

This pyrotechnic one-shot opens on Bomb Queen and Blacklight finding themselves in Las Vegas for conventions (a weapons convention and a comic convention, respectively). The girls come to odds over ‘The Intimidator,’ a weapon so deadly, it’s the only one of its kind and that’s when the ‘catfight’ ensues.

Shadowline founder Jim Valentino says, “We wanted to see what happens when Shadowline’s resident good girl, Blacklight, faces down Bomb Queen, whose mini-series placed her at the top spot for ‘Baddest Woman In Comics.’ Scott and Jimmie found a story that will have everyone howling with laughter and begging for more.”

Fortunately, more Bomb Queen is on the way. Not only is BOMB QUEEN: WMD (WOMAN OF MASS DESTRUCTION) shipping this July, collecting the sold-out first BOMB QUEEN mini-series, but the one-shot will be followed this fall by a brand-new BOMB QUEEN mini-series, written and drawn by creator Jimmie Robinson!

Valentino warns, “Reports we get are that stores have not been able to keep BOMB QUEEN in stock and with a cover like this, forget about it, BOMB QUEEN vs. BLACKLIGHT is gonna fly off the shelves!”

BOMB QUEEN vs. BLACKLIGHT 1-SHOT (JUN061679) is available for order now from the August Previews catalog. It is a full-color book with a cover price of $3.50 and will be on sale at braver comics shops August 2nd.

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Bomb Queen #1 cover

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  1. What kind of thing could posses a person so much to write such a piece of tastless trash? The person who wrote this trash should be locked up. The author finds rape, violence and terroism all figures of sick ammusement. Freedom of speech should not apply to utter crap like this.

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