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If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out the Ghost Rider Trailer at

Ghost Rider is a character that I’m not too familiar with so I’m not the greatest judge as to whether the trailer looks good or not on that level (maybe some of you fans can give your opinion), however I do know that the special effects look pretty spectacular.

However I also know that I can’t stand Nicolas Cage. I believe him to be a terrible choice to play Johnny Blaze based solely on the fact that his acting is crap. Hopefully we won’t have to look at him too much after he turns in to Ghost Rider, but I’m sure we’ll still have to hear his stupid voice.

Supposedly writer / director Mark Steven Johnson (best known for his work on Elektra and Dare Devil… yikes!) plans to stick to the Ghost Rider comics as closely as possible. If he follows through on this then fans of the series will be in for a real treat. If not then he’ll have three crappy super hero movies under his belt.

Ghost Rider is slated to hit theaters on February 16th, 2007 and is currently in post-production stages.

You can check out the official Ghost Rider site as well for some teasers and more information.

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  1. Ghost Rider???
    Does anybody actually read that comic book? It makes sense to make a Marvel movie about the Hulk, Spidey, the X-Men. But Electra? Daredevil? Ghost Rider??? (a character who had his origin in 1990) Come on Marvel! You did such a crappy job with Fantastic Four that I am still considering whether or not to be a fan of that title. (I once was). Why not Iron Man? Silver Surfer? Or here’s one, a Captain America movie that doesn’t suck. Anyway…as I let out a sigh, happy going movie lovers. I’m just glad it’s not a summer release.

  2. There’s the one scene where GR rides his bike up the side of a building then comes back around and whips out the chains (that bit done in slo-mo)…that was pretty cool.

    But Nic Cage is in it with all his breathless overacting. ‘ Nuff said. Ok, and they shouldn’t have made the skull’s jaw move.

    Add up to one big flaming ball of cheese to me.

  3. He didnt direct Elektra, he had nothing to do with that movie. And Daredevil wasn’t bad, the producer messed it up when he decided it should be fast paced, unlike the directors cut which is alot better. If they just released that to begin with I think alot more people would of been happier with the final product. And Ghost Rider, I think, looks boss, but it wont make alot of money because I think it will fail to bring non-fan boys into the theater. Doesn’t mean it will be a bad movie, though. Well have to wait and see.

  4. Based on the things I’ve seen from the Ghostrider-movie so far, I have to say it’ll be a great movie, Nick Cage is quite an OK actor, given the fact that he is Francis Ford Coppola’s nephew, who decided he could make a name of his own, which he did. True, in some movies he’s not that good, but give him a role to which he can relate (he’s a Ghostrider comic fan, so I guess he can relate to the character), and he’ll do just fine. But then again I don’t think we’ll see much of him in this movie, so let’s hope the CGI department does their job right. If there’s one thing in the movie I’d change it’d be getting a different actress to play Roxy, Eva Mendez?¿? NEVER even heard of her before, and there are definately hotter chicks than her! Well, I guess that’s enough moaning for now, see ya’ll in the cinema’s!

  5. I guess it’s personal preference with Nick Cage. I’m not a fan at all… never been in to his brand of acting. It is rather impressive he could make his own name though… I wasn’t even aware that he is Coppola’s nephew.

  6. I have to say that Ghost Rider is actually one of the best movies that I have seen. The CGI is really cool, and I like the touch that Nicholas Cage brings to the movie. He also has a G.R. tattoo that had to be covered up when he starred in the G.R. movie, and I think that’s kind of ironic.
    My favorite part of the entire movie though is the part where the two Ghost Riders are riding through the desert, Cage on the sweet bike, and Elliot on the flamming awesome horse!

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