Secret Six #1

One of the greatest mini series to be produced by DC was Villains United. Recently I wrote an article about the Villains United:Infinite Crisis Special. It was a fun return to the series I loved, yet it didn’t feature the renegade team that is the Secret Six for more than a few panels.

Well, problem solved: Secret Six #1 hit the shelves recently and did not disappoint. This comic actually made me look forward with great anticipation to the rest of the series, a task accomplished thus far only by Robert Kirkman’s Walking Dead and Fear Agent comics.

Spoiler warning: plot or ending (read)

Surprisingly I really don’t have any complaints about this series thus far and I highly recommend it. Even if you haven’t read the rest of the Infinite Crisis tie-ins be sure to check this limit series out.

I can hardly wait for the remaining 5 issues and truly hope that this becomes a regular series.

Interestingly the Secret Six is actually a comic that DC debuted in 1968, although it was very different from the current incarnation.

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  1. […] Games As you may know I’ve been a fan of the Secret Six team since the Villains United series (a lead in to the Infinite Crisis). I really loved the first issue, but have become increasingly disappointed with the series with each issue. I just finished Secret Six reading #4 (Secret Six vs. The Doom Patrol) and I really wasn’t that impressed… and was slightly disgusted. […]

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