Marvel Signs Ed McGuinness to Exclusive Contract! Fans go Wild!

“I’m proud to announce that after an exhausting and grueling hunt, Marvel Comics has captured the rare and elusive Ed McGuinness,” says Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada. “We promise that his cage will be a comfortable one, that he will receive three square meals a day, and most importantly, that he will get to work on some of the greatest comic book characters ever created.”

Marvel Comics took the fan world by storm when they reported that ultra-fan favorite artist Ed McGuinness had agreed to sign an exclusive contract with them. McGuinness, well-known for his unique pencils on DEADPOOL, INCREDIBLE HULK, SUPERMAN, SUPERMAN/BATMAN, MR. MAJESTIC, and THUNDERCATS, is thrilled beyond reason by the turn of events.

“I am extremely excited about the whole thing,” says the artist. “It’s going to be the creative shot in the arm I’ve been yearning for. The characters are the best …and it’s going to be so fun to play with all these new toys.”

“I grew up a Marvel zombie!”

McGuinness’ star has risen swiftly in the past few years, resulting in much critical acclaim, a healthy fan-following and even his own line of action figures.

One of the perks of the artist’s new gig at the House of Ideas is the chance to be reunited with his SUPERMAN comrade-in-arms, Jeph Loeb (himself a recent Marvel exclusive creator). The duo will be jumping right into a super-secret but soon-to-be-announced Marvel project.

“Jeph is a great writer but more importantly a friend and a partner,” remarks McGuinness. “I wouldn’t be where I am today without his caring guidance and willingness to put up with a lunk like me…lol.”

“He makes the job I have to do fun. He listens to input and writes what he thinks will get the best out of my abilities. He’s the best in the biz for a reason…as far as possible projects with him…the bigger the better.”

When asked which Marvel creations might best suit said abilities, McGuinness ponders the question. “The Hulk comes to mind first. There are so many that I want to do though

that Jeph might just have to write a book called “The Marvel Universe” to satisfy my appetite for these characters!”

Though the future is bright, the artist is also very cognizant of his past output and what it means to him and his fans. “The work that I am the most proud of is my first run on SUPERMAN/BATMAN. Those six issues where so fun and the deadlines weren’t as constrictive as they were as the series went on. I remember getting my comps for the trade, looking at them, and calling Jeph to thank him for such a good time. It was the first time (and hopefully not the last) that I’ve looked at my work and thought, ‘that’s a cool comic’”.

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