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Update: The wiki is no more, and this post is now irrelevant. I have something much better in the works.

I’ve decided to start a Wiki all about comics. If I had my way this would become a comprehensive database dealing with all things related to the comic book world.

A wiki is cool because the general public can contribute to it, so if you have something information based to write about a comic book, a character, movie, video game or anything else directly related to comics, please do.

This is a trial run for the Wiki, if all goes well it will become a permanent thing.

Currently the wiki is very thin. There is very little information contained in it, but i’m hoping this will change over the next few months. If you’d like links back to your site be sure to register an account before contributing to the wiki. Anyone who contributes will get a link from displayed on the right hand side of the site (if the link list gets too long they’ll be displayed randomly).

Have fun, and don’t be an idiot.

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