Afterworks 2 expands page count

With the buzz around AFTERWORKS 2 growing, so has the anthology itself as Image Comics announces that AFTERWORKS 2 is expanding to almost double its original proportions, from the originally solicited 200 pages to THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY (360) pages. As an added bonus, the price will remain the same at only $24.99.

“We knew we were going to have a big book and as the word got out, more and more folks asked if they could join; of course we said yeah and before we knew it we were at 360 pages,” explains Ted Mathot (The Incredibles). “Through the creation of the book I met some awesome artists that I didn’t know previously. There’s already talk of new contributors and people returning for volume 3.”

As a collection of some of the top talent in the animation industry working at Pixar Animation Studios, AFTERWORKS 2 brings together an eclectic mix of artists and stories together into one astounding anthology. AFTERWORKS 2 is the latest in a series of successful anthologies from Image Comics, including FLIGHT and PUT THE BOOK BACK ON THE SHELF.

“Having worked in animation and comics for over 12 years now, AFTERWORKS 2 has afforded me a rare chance to sort of combine those two worlds,” says Scott Morse (Noble Boy, Soulwind). “I finally get to see so many of my talented friends from the animation community produce some stories that are truly ‘theirs,’ work that is purely from their hearts. Every line is a mark of passion on the page for these people and readers are going to get a chance to experience some of the finest storytelling they’ve ever seen in comic book form. AFTERWORKS 2 is all about a pure love of comics from every person involved.”

AFTERWORKS 2 (MAY061718) is available for advance re-order. It is now a 360-page full color book with a cover price of $24.99 and will be in stores on July 19th.

Afterworks #2 cover

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