Civil War Sellouts

Civil War’s opening shots have left a blazing trail of sellouts in its wake. Amazing Spider-Man #530, Amazing Spider-Man #531, Amazing Spider-Man #532, Wolverine #42, She-Hulk #8, and the Harvey Award-nominated Marvel Spotlight have all sold out at Diamond in this first month of Civil War.

Critics and fans alike have been abuzz with how terrific the Civil War tie-ins have been thus far. Civil War: Front Line, which is on its way to selling out, has been chief among the tie-ins receiving a wealth of praise.

Richard George of says, “This is perhaps the best supplement to an event I have ever read. In the past, companies offered side stories to mega events that did not offer much. So far, between Marvel’s excellent shipping schedule and the overall quality of the writing, Civil War is being drastically enhanced by the extra stories (and Mark Millar was already doing an excellent job). Front Line is setting itself to be nearly as important as the main title, featuring great context and additional views to what is happening to the heroes…If you’re reading Civil War, Front Line is absolutely critical reading.”

After reading Civil War: Front Line #1 this week, be sure to pick up Civil War #2 next Wednesday as the comic-event of the year continues to blow readers away. Then, be sure to pick up these Civil War tie-ins in the following order:

Thunderbolts #103 – On Sale 6/14
New Avengers #21 – On Sale 6/21
Amazing Spider-Man #533 – On Sale 6/28
Civil War: Front Line #2 – On Sale 6/28
Wolverine #43 – On Sale 6/28
Fantastic Four #538 – On Sale 6/28
X-Factor #8 – On Sale 6/28

If the second month of Civil War tie-ins is anything similar to that of the first, make sure to get your copies early as all of the Civil War titles get hotter, picking up new readers every day.

Note: These sold out titles are out of stock at Diamond and may still be available at many comic shops.

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