Civil War Threatens to Tear a Family Apart in Fantastic Four #538

After the events of Civil War #1, Johnny Storm lies hospitalized, beaten by an unruly crowd angered by the superheroes’ role in the Stamford disaster. But as Johnny recovers, the rest of the FF is forced to choose a side in Fantastic Four #538 as Civil War kicks off.

The weight of this decision just may tear the Fantastic Four apart as it has the rest of the Marvel superhero community. The end of Civil War #1 has shown what side Reed has chosen, but does the rest of the Fantastic Four feel the same? And what happens if a team member begins helping the opposition?

Plus, a startling new development occurs surrounding Thor’s hammer. People are beginning to gather around it, but who is the mysterious man making his way across country to the fallen hammer and what will happen when he reaches Mjolnir?

Civil War is poised to change the face of the Marvel Universe and few will feel the winds of change more so than the Fantastic Four. Beginning in Fantastic Four #538, the FF will make decisions that forever define their relationships with other superheroes and each other.

Fantastic Four #538Fantastic Four #538 page 1Fantastic Four #538 page 7Fantastic Four #538 page 9Fantastic Four #538 page 10

Penciled by MIKE MCKONE
32 PGS./Rated A …$2.99
FOC – 6/8, On Sale – 6/28/2006

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