52 the Website

DC’s ambitious year long project, 52 is five weeks deep in to the series. Thus far it’s really interesting and a great read.

If reading the series isn’t enough for you, DC has set up the Daily Planet 52 Week Special, a website meant to look like the Daily Planet’s news site. Although the content is rather thin, it is a fun marketing ploy that follows the disturbing current trend of marketing ploys: fake websites that make you read all the crap just to find out nothing about the product in question.

LOST is doing it with the Hanso Foundation. I believe it was Bungie (or perhaps Microsoft) who did it with ilovebees.com and now 52 is following suit.

The 52 site is fun because it doesn’t take itself too seriously. I always loved reading fake newspapers (like promotional Daily Planets) when I was a kid, and this reminds me of those days, even if it is fuel for the machine!

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