Way back when the Omac Project was in full swing I was still living in Southern Illinois. That’s when I only had one comic book shop to choose from. It’s run by an old fart that’s never had a social life outside of pickup matches of D&D, yet somehow he manages to maintain an ignorance of mainstream and indie titles alike. You ask the guy what he would recommend and he comes back with a resounding “Beat’s me”.

And then there’s his snarky little piece of crap underling that works at the shop. This little jerk has driven away plenty of business for the place with his elitist attitude and unasked for commentary one what you’re purchasing. A couple of examples:

Example 1: My friend Bill is pretty picky about what he wants to buy and usually asks more than his fair share of questions at the point of purchase. Bill also happens to have taken a shine to the art of Alex Ross, and especially the Justice series. Well the Jerk kid at the shop on more than one occasion has laid in to Bill for being an Alex Ross fan, stating that Justice is taking too long to come out and Alex Ross really isn’t all that great.

Example 2: My other friend Darrel is black. I’m white. When going to the comic shop with Darrel I would see the demeanor in this kid (and the owner) on more than one occasion change quite rapidly. The kid would usually get very quiet and skittish. Once he started talking very loudly about someone in his college that was racist and was making it known very loudly that he himself is not… he was doing this in such a manner that only a racist in denial can.

But horrible commentary and a poor selection wasn’t the only downfall of the crappy comic shop. they also failed on more than once occasion to keep the shelves stocked. One time in-particular was during the Marvel Zombies series. The comic shop failed to mention that they would be getting a late delivery (Thursday rather than Wednesday). I found out on Wednesday after driving 20 minutes to get there (Southern Illinois is horribly rural). I went back on Thursday afternoon and they were mysteriously sold out of Issue #1.

The most frustrating of all occurrences, however, was the sell out of Omac Project #3 which tells you at the end of the issue to read the Sacrifice crossover. At the time I wasn’t buying any Superman or Wonder Woman comics and thus completely overlooked the Sacrifice series. It wasn’t until much later when I was able to track down and issue of Omac Project #3 that I found out about the Sacrifice series and realized that I had missed a huge story arc.

Thankfully the awesome comic shop nearby my house just had a huge 50% off all back issues sale and I was able to buy the entire sacrifice series. Sure I could have picked up the trade paperback, but it’s just not the same as owning the individual issues.

Moments ago I finished reading Sacrifice and tomorrow I will be reviewing the series in it’s entirety as well as breaking down each issue. Better late than never!

I have decided to forgo the review of this series. I apologize to anyone who was looking forward to this, however I have more important articles on the way. Things have been hectic around here for the past couple of weeks, but I’m getting back on track and the new articles should begin shortly.

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  1. just to add to that…(Example #1)
    At first, I thought Joe was a bit to harsh on the S. Il. comic shop. After all I’m still STUCK in this area (for now) and the alternative is to drive 2 hours to a real city. So I decided on Friday [6-16-06] to visit the shop in question. Since I have a 9-5 job and a real life, I could only get there immediately after work. No problem right? WRONG! The shops friday hours are clearly posted on the door. (open till 5:30) I arrived @ 5:05 p.m. and started into the shop. The jerk kid saw me pull my car up and immediatly headed for the circuit panel. As I walked through the door the lights went out. The kid said “We’re closing”. [25 minutes early?!?!] He had a buddy waiting on him with multi-faceted dice so the only thing I can conclude is that there was a red hot D&D game to be played. I ignored the fact that they were “Closing” and proceded to ask if Justice was in yet. The jerk kid let out a “you’re holding me up” sigh and said, “It won’t be in for another few weeks”. Actually it comes out next week and if it was a real shop they would probably already have issues in stock and on hold for the street date.

  2. Implying that D&D is not social is entirely untrue. Where else can one practice the social skills required to successfully barter with an orc or a nalfeshnee? 🙂

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