Three days of Superman: Part 2

Today’s Superman video feature is spoofs… call them SPOOFerman films, if you will (I deserve to be shot for that one)… there’s also a fan film thrown in at the end.

Superman Retires

Someone synced up audio from Rocky and footage from the old Justice League cartoon. Excellent editing!

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Superhero Theater

Superman and Bizzaro in Of Mice and Men. This is decent, until the end (after the credits) which is hilarious.

Superman leaves physics 101

This one has been making the rounds, but it’s funny if you haven’t seen it yet.

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Batman and Superman

This is a trailer for a fan film that was never made.

One response to “Three days of Superman: Part 2”

  1. Well, saw the movie. Lets just say, out of four stars I give it…uuummmhh Two and a half and that is coming from a person that holds the fictional Kal’el in high regards. I really like the whole mytho of the character after researching who and what he was really about. But this movie, though having great special effects, and a sweet soundtrack (memorable of the older sequels)it still lacked a strong story, which a movie like this, about such an icon of a character should have had. Nevertheless, I did enjoy it, because hey, its superman, but if they make another, hopefully Bryan Singer leaves the job, and pass it on to a much better producer and director. ONe that will stay true to the texture of this Awesome character.

    Im out,

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