DC Comics heroes get their own stamps

When I was younger I used to collect stamps. Although I was never serious about it (didn’t keep them in a book or in pristine condition), I did enjoy the various styles. I guess I was always a bit of a geek.

Well now it looks like I’ll be collecting another set of stamps, because for the first time in history the United States Postal Service will be issuing super hero stamps.

The stamps will be DC themed and feature 10 flagship characters (all justice leaguers), including Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. The other 10 stamps feature various comic book covers.

A ceremony to dedicate these stamps will be held at Comic-Con on Thursday, July 20 at the San Diego Convention Center.

“Paid admission to Comic-Con International 2006 is required to attend the ceremony. Admission to Thursday’s show for visitors ages 12 to 17, active military with ID, and senior citizens at least 60 years of age is $12. Adult admission is $25.”

The stamps will be available in San Diego that day, and San Diego alone. The following day, (July 21) they will be available nationwide.

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