Civil War Leaves Spidey Unmasked in Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #11

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #11 will feature the Spider-Man Unmasked banner so everyone knows the fallout from Spidey revealing his identity is happening here.

Flash Thompson made puny Peter Parker’s life horrible in high school. Their relationship has been a complicated one since those days, but now that Flash knows he is the world-famous Wall-Crawler, its time for the ultimate showdown between Flash and Peter.

But this confrontation just may get interrupted by the movie-magic mayhem of Mysterio who makes his triumphant return in Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #11.

This founding member of the Sinister Six rears his head again, or in this case fish bowl, as Mysterio terrorizes Peter’s place of employment – Midtown High School. But isn’t Mysterio supposed to be dead? Well, mystery is in the villain’s name so you’re going to have to read to find out, true believer.

Pick up Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #11 for the start of an all new arc that finds Flash confronting Peter and the mystifying return of Mysterio.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #11 (Jun061939)
Written by Peter David
Penciled by Todd Nauck
Cover by Michael Wieringo
32 PGS./Rated A …$2.99
FOC – 7/13, On Sale 8/2/2006

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