Bendis and Brooks Return for Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #2

Last year, the team of Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Brooks brought to you Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #1, widely regarded as one of the greatest single issues of 2005. Well Bendis and Brooks are back again this year for Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #2 and they’re packing this year’s annual with action.

Last year, they paired Peter with Kitty Pryde. This year, they’re going to put Spider-Man through the paces as Ultimate Daredevil and Punisher show up to cause trouble for the Wall-Crawler.

And if Daredevil and Punisher showing up wasn’t enough, Ultimate Kangaroo bounces into the fray. But will the Punisher just shoot him for his trouble? Well, all signs point to yes. Plus, Peter gets legal advice from Foggy Nelson and crime-fighting advice from Captain Jean DeWolfe. And check out the background of one of these preview pages. Even in the Ultimate Universe, Speedball can’t catch a break.

Last year’s annuals were a monster success with sellouts abound. This year’s Ultimate Annuals figure to be even hotter. Be sure to pick up the first annual in Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #2 and then check out the other Ultimate Annuals: Ultimates 2 Annual #2, Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual #2, and Ultimate X-Men Annual #2.

Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #2 (Jun061935)
Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Pencils & Cover by Mark Brooks
48 PGS./Rated A …$3.99
FOC – 7/20, On Sale – 8/9/2006

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