Civil War Tie-Ins Front Line #1, Wolverine #43, and X-Factor #8 Sell Out

Three more tie-ins have sold out at Diamond in Civil War: Front Line #1, Wolverine #43, and X-Factor #8.

Marvel is going back to press on all three of these issues with all-new second printing covers. Civil War: Front Line #1 and Wolverine #43 will feature the thematic “interior shot” covers while the X-Factor #8 second printing will receive an all-new cover from interior artist Dennis Calero.

Fans are excited over all the Civil War tie-ins thus far and the critics have continued to praise the event as a whole.

Timothy Lee of calls Wolverine #43 “a well written Wolverine issue…Guggenheim is the new face of Wolverine, and he proves the “Snikt” isn’t gone. If you are a fan of Chris Claremont’s Wolverine, then I think you will enjoy Guggenheim’s version.”

Geoff Collins of calls X-Factor #8 “an air tight comic. It’s a good jump on point for both X-Factor and Civil War while continuing both those stories. David’s dialogue is smart, occasionally funny, natural, and always builds the overall story…Calero makes it even better with his art.”

Mike Podgorski of calls Civil War: Front Line #1 “a very well-written story, and the art fits with the story. This is a very good book, and highly recommended.”

And it’s not just the scores of Marvel Zombies picking up these tie-ins. New comics fans are coming in droves looking for anything Civil War. Atomic Comics owner Mike Malve says, “We have never had as many non traditional comic fans come in and the constant phone calls like we have seen due to Civil War.”

The first five Civil War tie-in second prints have been just as hot as the first printings with Amazing Spider-Man #532, Wolverine #42, and She-Hulk #8 all selling out at Diamond with New Avengers: Illuminati and Thunderbolts #103 second printings well on their way. Be sure to be on the look out for these issues when they hit stands July 19.

And don’t forget the upcoming second printings of Civil War: Front Line #1, Wolverine #43, and X-Factor #8 as Civil War continues to be the hottest part of summer.

Retailers should continue to check orders on upcoming Civil War titles and increase where needed! Marvel continues to thank retailers and fans for the continued support in making Civil War a huge success.

Civil War: Front Line #1 (of 10) (Jun068068)
Written by Paul Jenkins
Penciled by Ramon Bachs & Steve Lieber
Cover by John Watson
32 PGS. NO ADS! /Rated T+ …$2.99
FOC – 8/3, On Sale – 8/23/2006

Wolverine #43 (Jun068069)
Written by Marc Guggenheim
Pencils & Cover by Humberto Ramos
32 PGS./Parental Advisory …$2.99
FOC – 8/3, On Sale – 8/23/2006

X-Factor #8 (Un068070)
Written by Peter David
Penciled by Dennis Calero
Cover by Ryan Sook
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99
FOC – 8/3, On Sale – 8/23/2006

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