Year Ending Storyline to Change Ant Forever!

“This is what the series has been building up to,” said Mario Gully, ANT’s artist and creator. “Questions put in place in the opening panels of issue one are finally being answered. Why did Hannah Washington wake up in a mental institution? Who is after her? And the biggest question of all: How did Hannah become Ant? The only place to find out is Ant #10-12!”

Despite his enthusiasm, however, Gully quickly realized he couldn’t pull off such a paramount storyline alone.

“Erik Larsen suggested I work with an up-and-coming writer he was working with named Joe Keatinge,” Gully explained. “He thought Joe could help me sort through everything I had planned, and after talking with Joe it became obvious he was the one who should be writing the series!”

Image Comics Publisher, Erik Larsen added, “I’ve been working with Joe for over a year now, helping him hone his craft and all that. Joe is a bundle of energy and he has more ideas than ten writers. He’s been chugging away on a top secret project for me, and I thought he’d be a perfect fit for ANT.”

“Whether or not you’re already a fan of ANT you’ll definitely want to check this out,” says Joe Keatinge. “As the title suggests we’re going back to the very beginning of the Image universe to reveal secrets long hidden. In fact, Savage Dragon guest stars in a very big way.”

ANT has been a major player in the reemerging Image Universe since its introduction in 2005, utilizing key Image characters like Spawn and Savage Dragon in past story lines. Gully added, “This storyline will be the ultimate celebration of the road I’ve taken to get here and the trail Image Comics blazed. When we say the book’s going through some big changes, we’re not joking. Mark my words, by the end of the year everyone will be looking at ANT in a whole different light.”

Mario Gully’s last solo issue, #7, is in stores this Wednesday, July 19th. In addition, Gully and Keatinge will be signing throughout the week at the Image booth (2729) during the San Diego Comic Convention. “Nineteen Ninety-Two” will begin in ANT #10, set for an October release.

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