Meet Bill at Wizard World Chicago!

Bill and I will be appearing at Wizard World Chicago amongst the likes of Michael Turner, Marc Silvestri and Geoff Johns. No, we won’t be speaking, but we may sign a few autographs if you’re fortunate.

Ok seriously: Bill is coming to Chicago for a weekend of pure nerd entertainment. You’ll see us at Wizard World Chicago on Saturday with various recording devices snapping photos and shooting video of whatever strikes our fancy.

Will any of you be there? If so be sure to identify Bill, because the first person who asks for his autograph will receive a special gift (Note: gift will not suck and will most likely be one of the best things you walk away with that day).

I am trying my best to convince Bill to wear a costume. Thus far it’s a no go. If I can talk him in to it, check back here on Friday August 4th to find out what costume he will be wearing.


Date / time:
Saturday, August 5th

Bill sips some brew whilst playing RISK thumbnail Bill sips more brew, this time from a can thumbnail Bill is really in to this game. For the record: he lost. thumbnail

10 responses to “Meet Bill at Wizard World Chicago!”

  1. Clue #1

    I’ll probably be wearing my white Gilligan hat that I wore to universal studios. (see Bill is a dork article.)
    Also, I’m leaning toward my Thor shirt. Possibly a cape and depending on my mood, a black Robin mask. Happy Hunting!

  2. Here is a challenge that I will pose. If I see anyone wearing anything that reads:, I’ll have a cool prize to hand you. The more visible it is, the better the prize will be.

  3. I too will be on the hunt for Bill will try to come up with a cool shirt for Fream Comics. See you at the show

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