Freak Comics: Update

Wizard World 2006 was fun, I’m working on a rather lengthy recap of what went down with me and Bill. I’ll let you in on this early though: no one found Bill to ask him for his autograph.
This was disappointing, especially to Bill because he had to lug the first 5 volumes of Invincible around in his backpack all day long. If only someone would have found him and won them!

I’m also working on getting all of the photos put together in one large photo post (some good costume pics on the way). I should have these up very soon, as well as some amazing photos taken by Bill at the 2006 Superman Festival in Metropolis Illinois (these are not to be missed!).

Also coming later today are several reviews of comics that I’ve been reading, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

I’ve been busier than any of you can imagine lately, but things are slowly returning to normal, which means the updates should be getting back on track.


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