Newuniversal – 8 Days of Previews at

The New Universe is making a comeback this December thanks to the team of Warren Ellis and Salvador Larroca and is the only place where you can see the first 8 pages of Newuniversal #1. To see the first page, click here and check back everyday for another page.

Starting on August 30th, will be posting a new page of Newuniversal each day for eight straight days. Salvador Larroca has reinvented himself again for Newuniversal and these preview pages need to be seen to be believed.

The New Universe was originally an imprint of Marvel Comics in the 1980’s featuring titles like D.P.7., Starbrand, and Justice. It was a separate universe from the main Marvel titles that was to echo the real world and offer a more realistic take on super-heroes and science fiction.

The New Universe went on to only last three years but it is still remembered fondly to this day. It’s been twenty years since the launch of the original New Universe and its reinvisioning by Ellis and Larroca come this December is sure to turn heads.

Check everyday for the exclusive premiere of the first 8 pages and be there this December when the New Universe launches again in the pages Newuniversal #1.

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