New Runaways Creative Team to Be Revealed at Baltimore Summit!

The Runaways recently lost one of their own when a teammate died in Runaways #18 and now they’re about to lose two more members of the family as writer and co-creator Brian K. Vaughan is leaving the title with issue #24 along with co-creator and penciler Adrian Alphona. Vaughan’s run on the Runaways will span 42 issues, in that time accumulating a rapid fan base as well as a wealth of critical praise, winning several awards.

Starting in 2002, Vaughan and Alphona took the concept of teenagers learning that their parents are actually super villains and ran with it. Entertainment Weekly named Runways Vol.1 HC to its Must List and the America Library Association named it to the Top Ten list for Best Books for Young Adults for 2006. Wizard Magazine even named Runaways “the best original concept from Marvel in thirty years.” Now Vaughan and Alphona are leaving the kids they created to others as Runaways will continue on with a new creative team with issue #25.

Vaughan and Alphona’s run on the Runaways with help from artists Takeshi Miyazawa, and Mike Norton will be remembered as one of the best in recent Marvel history. Everyone at Marvel and all of the devoted Runaways fans wish Vaughan and Alphona the best with the same sendoff given at the end of each issue’s letters page – keep running.

But this is NOT the end of the Runaways…let the speculation begin now…who will be the new creative team on Runaways! The answer will be revealed to retailers at the Baltimore Summit in one week.

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