Lucifer on the Loose, Dr. Strange Makes a House Call in Ghost Rider #4

After Ghost Rider’s run-in with Doctor Strange, Johnny Blaze begins to reconsider his methods now that he has returned to Earth. Dr. Strange advised him to turn away from vengeance, but can he do so with Lucifer still on the loose?

He has been the Ghost Rider for longer than he cares to remember. In Ghost Rider #4, Johnny will find out how much of him is still a man and how much of him has become the Spirit of Vengeance as “Vicious Cycle” continues.

Ghost Rider #4 Cover thumbnail Ghost Rider #4 Page 2 thumbnail Ghost Rider #4 Page 4 thumbnail Ghost Rider #4 Page 6 thumbnail Ghost Rider #4 Page 16 thumbnail

Ghost Rider #4 (Aug062046)
Written by Daniel Way
Layouts by Javier Saltares
Finishes & Cover by Mark Texeira
32 Pgs./Rated T+ …$2.99
Foc – 9/28, on Sale – 10/18/2006

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