Marvel Zombies Hard Cover Sells Out

The surprise smash hit Marvel Zombies continues its selling frenzy as the recently released Marvel Zombies HC has sold out. Collecting all five issues of the limited series along with the covers from all of the various printings, the Marvel Zombies HC is being rushed back to press for a second printing.

And what is another printing of Marvel Zombies without a brand new cover by Arthur Suydam? The second printing of the Marvel Zombies HC will be complete with an all-new zombie-tribute cover to Amazing Spider-Man #316 by Suydam.

Marvel Zombies was one of the biggest breakout successes of the last few years and the critics were all in agreement.

Don MacPherson of says, “Marvel Zombies is a guilty-pleasure comic book for fans of both the super-hero and undead horror genres.”

The calls Marvel Zombies “a perfect mesh of horror and superheroics.”

Troy Brownfield of calls it, “a fun spin around the graveyard in mighty Marvel fashion.”

Thanks to the scores of real-life Marvel Zombies (you the fans!), the Marvel Zombies HC has become as big a success as the limited series that spawned it. Be sure to be on the lookout for the second printing of Marvel Zombies HC, hitting stores soon.

Marvel Zombies Cover thumbnail Marvel Zombies Amazing Spider-Man #316 Tribute Cover thumbnail Original Amazing Spider-Man #316 Cover thumbnail

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