Secret Six #4

As you may know I’ve been a fan of the Secret Six team since the Villains United series (a lead in to the Infinite Crisis). I really loved the first issue, but have become increasingly disappointed with the series with each issue.
I just finished Secret Six reading #4 (Secret Six vs. The Doom Patrol) and I really wasn’t that impressed… and was slightly disgusted.

In this issue we get to see Savage feed Cheshire and Dr. Psycho a plate of grilled Solmon Grundy, which Savage himself partakes in as well. He does this to punish them (Grundy included) all in one shot for failing him. Maybe I’m just going soft, but I found this to be rather over the top. The rest of the comic consists of a large fight between the Doom Patrol and the Secret Six.

As a whole, the series has been feeling more and more disjointed. The Savage story seems contrived and last minute. I’m sure it was planned from the start, but it’s just really lame.

I expected more out of Secret Six. It had a very interesting direction but apart from the first issue has failed to meet my expectations. At the end of it’s six issue run, I will post an over all review of the series. Perhaps reading in succession will change my perception.


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