Justice League of America #2 Review

I didn’t give Justice League of America #1 a great review. I felt like it was moving too slowly and that the story was poorly done.
I would now like to reconsider what I initially thought after reading issue #2.

First off, I don’t think the current story for this title can be judged on a single issue basis. It’s obviously a story that will take a few issues to fully flesh out, and I’m OK with that. The best stories don’t get summed up in a page or two. The pacing is actually pretty nice, and the dialogue is excellent.

Previously I was nearly ready to cancel my “subscription” to the series because of the unexpected progression of the story, but I’ve come to enjoy it actually. Still, I’m sticking to my guns on the whole picking of members thing: it’s really getting old. For those of you who don’t know: Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman have been sitting in the Batcave for two full issues rummaging through photos of various super heroes attempting to decide who will be in the new Justice League of America. This may be a necessary vehicle to drive the story, but it feels more like a lame way of writing the Big Three out of the story for the time being.
I’m not completely obsessed with these characters and don’t feel that they have to be featured throughout the issue… but it’s really boring to watch them vote on the members. It’s like watching a bunch of geeks sit around a table at a comic book convention trading cards.

I’m going to give this issue a higher rating for story than issue #1, mainly because it was a bit more interesting… but also because I was a bit harsh with my initial assessment of the series as a whole.

I would recommend checking the series out as it’s redefining the Red Tornado and setting the stage for events to come quite nicely.

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