Sam Noir #1 Sells Out, Entire Issue Posted Online

A mere two weeks before the second issue of its fledgling run hits the stands, Image Comics is announcing a complete sell out of Manny Trembley and Eric A. Anderson’s SAM NOIR: SAMURAI DETECTIVE #1!

“Just to have SAM NOIR published through Shadowline was a milestone for me and to see the reaction we’ve gottten so far resulting in the issue selling out is honestly more than i could have imagined,” said Trembly. “I just want to say thanks to Jim and Kris for seeing the potential and giving us a shot.”

“From start to finish, bringing this book to life has been an absolute blast,” says Anderson, “and for a couple of newbies to the comic world, I can’t think of a bigger surprise than for the first issue to sell out as fast as it has!”

SAM NOIR is also becoming a favorite among critics, being called “Surprisingly heavyweight and funny” by the Las Vegas Weekly, “Quality” by Fractal Matter and “Compelling” by Broken Frontier. SAM NOIR continues to be piled on with positive praise.

As a way to get the book in to the hands of those who may have missed it, Image Comics is posting the entire first issue on its website in time for fans to read before issue #2 hits.

“quote from Jim V” – (we’re so proud to have this book sell out and thanks to feedback from retailers, we realize that this was a gem that slipped under the radar for many. by providing the first issue for free, we hope that retailers take this opportunity to re-evaluate their orders to meet demand).

SAM NOIR tells the story of Sam, a masterless samurai who works as a private detective. Hired to follow a woman named Jasmine, he falls in love even though he has never spoken a single word to her. When she is murdered before his eyes, he embarks on a quest to find her killer and avenge his “love.”

“It’s kickass to know people are genuinely interested in Sam and his world,” says Anderson. “Good thing we’ve already started work on his next little adventure.”

“We’ve got a barnstormer of a second series planned,” adds Trembly, “and if all goes well, we’ll keep bringin’ the noir – Sam Style.”

SAM NOIR: SAMURAI DETECTIVE is a black & white miniseries which retails for $2.99. SAM NOIR: SAMURAI DETECTIVE #2 (AUG061776) and #3 (SEP061827) are both available now for advance reorder.

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