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Recently I signed up for an account at, a site that helps advertisers and bloggers hook up. It was created by the same people who made Text Link Ads. Review Me helps advertisers find bloggers who are willing to review their site or product. They pay the blogger a fee that is predetermined by Review Me based on the blogger’s Alexa rank.

For a limited time Review Me is basically handing out free money for signing up… all you have to do is write a review on Review Me within 72 hours of accepting the assignment. I was a little apprehensive at first since this is strictly a comic book blog, but I also want free money. Call me a sell out, call me greedy… you can call me $30 richer which will help me to buy even more comic books to review on this site that you read for free.
At any rate, Review Me is a very cool concept. The system has a nice simple design to match it’s simple business structure. The only thing I’m a little frustrated with, but not at all surprised is that there is no Comics sub category which you can list your blog under. It’s hard for me to praise Review Me very highly since I haven’t had much experience with it. For a guy like me who does comics, I would say that the chances of turning a nice profit are slim to none… what on earth would people pay me to review (besides comic books… hint hint)?

If Review Me turns out to be anything like Text Link Ads then I’d say it has a bright future. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Side note:
Fear not. My site will not become littered with advertised falsified reviews. There are two things I plan to live by if the opportunity to review another site presents itself.

  1. I will always inform my readers that I am doing a paid review.
  2. I absolutely will not pull any punches. If I think something sucks, you’ll be sure to find that out in the review.

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