Where are all the heroes?

I’ve had a lingering question on my mind lately. Why are there no comic book-like heroes in the world? What prevents a slightly off kilter vigilante from donning a mask and busting criminals Batman style?
Good sense? Surely that’s not the reason… people do all sorts of stupid things these days. Just take a look at the folks behind Jackass.

Fear and a good sense of mortality? There are so many thrill seekers out there that this wouldn’t seem to be a hinderence. People love to face death, sometimes on a regular basis. Skydiving, rock climbing, and bungie jumping are just a few extreme sports that thousands of people take part in for fun.

Seriously… why haven’t we seen a “super” hero emerge from the sea of humanity to lend a selfless, muscular, glove clad hand to the struggling masses?

What’s your take on this? Will we ever see a super hero on the world scene? Should some multi-billionaire who’s family was slaughtered in front of his face take on an alternate persona and deal with his inner grief by beating the crap out of street thugs? Has there been a super hero of this caliber in times past that I’m just not aware of?

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  1. It all depends on what you think it takes to be a hero.

    My take is that super heroes don’t exist because it isn’t needed. I think a “super” villain is needed before a super hero takes form.

    Besides, there are much more subtle and effective ways to do heroic things. Such as peer pressure. It makes people do things that are bad, but it also keeps people from doing bad things. And most people are good at it.

    If I could be a super hero, I wouldn’t be like Batman. He’s too tactical for my tastes. Not that tactical isn’t needed, but I’d prefer to use my evil genius, er, I mean good genius (good cover Matthew) to move the way societies think and act to lower the amount of crime across the board.

    I’d rather attack the causes than the symptoms.

  2. You obviously haven’t seen me in my tights and cape when I get in a crime fightin’ mood. 😉

    I’m not sure why there hasn’t a super hero type emerge from society yet. There are plenty of heros for sure, but my guess is that if a real super hero ever emerged they would be shot down — literally — as a wacko.

  3. I think that if a “super” hero were to emerge, he would be somewhat along the lines of the Tick… a mental patient escapee 🙂

    Actually I think all the guys who dress up at comic conventions should take it a step further and fight crime afterwards…

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