Save the Cheerleader… buy a Heroes vinyl sticker

If you’re a fan of NBC’s Heroes you should head over to my friend’s ebay site and buy one of his vinyl static stickers. Speaking of Heroes… I’ve never seen the show. Being a huge fan of comics, I am kicking myself for not watching this one. I skipped over it figuring it for a lost rip-off. What are your opinions? Should I download it from iTunes?

Update: I’m an idiot and forgot to add the link the first time around. It’s there now.

5 responses to “Save the Cheerleader… buy a Heroes vinyl sticker”

  1. Heroes is pretty cool. I’ve only actually watched like one episode..i have 5 tivo’d ready to watch. It has a real “comic book” feel to it.

  2. Yeah, I’ve become a big fan. I saw eps 1-6 in a row, then had the impression things slowed down a bit with 7 and 8, but 9 and 10 were great again. Not saying it’s the best thing on TV since (fill in your own favourite), but it’s definitely worth downloading.

    Oh, and every week, NBC releases their ‘graphic novel’ as a complement to the previous episode:

    That should fit your interests quite nicely too 🙂

  3. NBC also has the episodes online at their site. and the sci-fi channel has been airing them as well if you dont want to pay for it

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