Justice League of America #4

In this issue of the Justice League of America Superman, Bat Man and Wonder Woman finally decide to take a break from their card collecting when Black Lightening calls them in on a case he is working which involves a villain named Starro.

If you’re like me, you have no idea who Starro is. A quick trip to Wikipedia helped to shed some light on this .
The short of it is, he’s a starfish like creature who first showed up way back in 1960 in The Brave and the Bold #28. This was also the first appearance of the JLA. So Starro is their oldest enemy.

This comic holds up to the previous 3 issues as being very well written and having pretty good looking art.

I do have a complaint though (don’t I always?):
Superman attempts to remove one of these mini-Starro things from a dude’s neck. He can barely pry it off, Wonder Woman even offers to lasso it to help yank it out. Supes ends up breaking off a leg instead.
A few pages later the Red Arrow easily shoots these Starros off of several people’s necks with his arrows. This would imply that the Red Arrow’s shot is more powerful than Superman’s pull… interesting plot hole.

Other than the mini-complaint, I really enjoyed the comic. If you’re not reading this title yet, I encourage you to track down the first four issues and give it a read.


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