Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer Trailer

Forget everything negative I had to say about a Fantastic Four sequel. A rather low quality bootleg of the Fantastic Four 2 trailer had surfaced on You Tube, but an official realease from fox was quick on it’s heels. The official version can be seen on and from the looks of it, this movie will blow the brains out of the first one.

For those of you unable to see the trailer, heres a quick break down:
Reed and Sue are getting married, Johnny and Ben are standing up behind them. Suddenly there’s a noise as something goes flying past the window. Johnny jumps out the window with his trade mark “Flame On” scream, and chases down the blur, only to discover that it is the Silver Surfer. The Surfer grabs Johnny by the neck, flys him in to space and drops him. The trailer ends as Johnny plummets towards Earth.

I had absolutely no idea that the Silver Surfer would be in this film.
Although I’d rather see a stand alone Silver Surfer movie, Fantastic Four 2 should be really awesome, especially if Galactus looks half as cool as the Surfer (Galactus had better make an appearance).

Silver Surfer in classic pose Close up of Silver Surfer's face Silver Surfer close up Silver Surfer grabbing the Human Torch

5 responses to “Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer Trailer”

  1. My guess is that we will only see hints of Galactus – like a giant shadow that blots out the sun – just before the credits roll…

    then queue the third installment!

  2. Well exactly what Jeff says…

    however, i’ve heard disappointing rumors..

    and DEFINETLY Disappointing to YOU..and that is that galactus is appearing as a cloud..

  3. you got owned with the hopes on galactus coming. You should of read before and found that galactus was not coming out in the movie. something most people knew you dolt.

  4. Thanks for your valuable input, Linus. I wrote this article in December of 2006, I’m not so sure that anyone knew what would be happening with Galactus back then.

  5. The Surfer has Galactus’ eyes in the 2nd picture, and those shades in the back make it look even more like they have ‘tried out a little’ what the big guy should look like.

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