Detective Comics #826: Excellent Issue

I didn’t plan on writing about Detective Comics #826, one because it came out a couple months ago, and two because I’ve done nothing but crap on Batman lately and figured that’s what I would be doing here as well. After reading the issue, I couldn’t help but write a quick review.

This was a filler issue to be sure, but it was a filler issue done right. I was very curious to see how the Joker would be written back in to the Batman series and found it odd he would make his reappearance in the pages of Detective Comics (he was shot in the face at point blank range in Batman #655). All became clear as soon as I saw the editor’s note at the bottom of page 1: “The events in this issue take place before Batman #655″.
Instantly I felt cheated and angry and began to rush-read the issue. It all begins with Robin on a motorcycle being chased by some thugs.
By the end of the third page he has been coerced in to a car with the Joker who proceeds to gas him, bind him and go on a crazy hit-and-run rampage throughout the city.

The dialogue, pacing and mania of the Joker were all superb.
I don’t believe that a comic always needs to be a part of a bigger picture or story. A comic book’s basic function is to entertain. Most fillers fail miserably and the entertainment is left to the sweeping sagas or mini arcs. Detective Comics #826 did it’s job. It was a fast paced filler that kept me very entertained. Nice one Dini!

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