Green Arrow #70

Well that was a short read, even for a Green Arrow, but fun regardless.

I really enjoy the quick dry wit that Judd Winick brings to the series, and although I’m not a huge fan of Scott McDaniel and Andy Owen’s cartoon-like art, it’s a good match for Winick.

I’m a little annoyed over the whole Red Hood thing though. DC is really dragging the whole dead / undead Robin thing on and on. I really feel they should just leave him dead. How many times can you kill a character and bring him back. I say, let the dead rest in peace… unless they’re going to come back as zombies, it’s just not cool to write them in and out of existence time and again.

They definitely got the cover title wrong. This wasn’t “Batman & Green Arrow vs. Brick & Red Hood”. A more appropriate title would have been “Batman & Green Arrow search for Brick & Red Hood” since there was never a face off. That battle is left for the pages of Green Arrow #71.

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