Speedball Prison Raped by Razor Fist

I was reading Civil War Front Line #9 tonight (did I mention I’m way behind on my Civil War reading?). There has been a great side story running in the back called the accused. In issue #8 Robbie “Speedball” Baldwin was transfered to the Negative Zone prison. In this issue, he is attacked by the aptly named Razor Fist (a character with two hook hands) and then this happens:

Razor Fist with Speedball bent over

Um… OK. That’s disturbing enough as is, but the next panel makes the situation a bit more awkward:

Razor Fist with Speedball bent over 2


So the reality is, Razor Fist was using Speedball as a human shield and is bending his arms behind his back. However, Steve Lieber didn’t do the greatest job conveying this. I’m actually a little surprised that Joe Quesada let this one slip.

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