Poll: did Batman #663 suck?

Update: I’m an idiot. Throughout this post I referred to Batman #663 as Batman #633. The errors have been corrected.

I recently gave Batman #663 a piece of my mind.

Some people share my viewpoint, while other do not.

This prompted me to create a poll to get your brief sentiments. If you have more to say than a one word answer, feel free to say it in the comments.

So what do you think? Did Batman #663 suck? Did you even read it?

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12 responses to “Poll: did Batman #663 suck?”

  1. You should have a fourth option, “I’m pretty sure it sucked but can’t say for sure because I wasn’t able to read past page 8”.

    The dude in my comicbook shop renamed the for me. That pretty much says it all. He usually just grunts and takes the money.

  2. ….okay, the word “comic” fell off the post. Well that’s embarrassing, my first post here and it looks like I can’t spell. On the bright side, it was done in the cause of trashing that Morrison book, and God, does it ever need trashing.

    On the bright side, I’m now learning how to blink in morse code.

  3. I definitely should have had that fourth option. I barely made it through myself.
    The comic book guy’s renaming is pretty good.

    The guy at my comic shop told me I was going to hate this issue unless I was a hardcore Grant Morrison fan. I had no idea why he was telling me this until I got home and saw what kind of “comic” it was. Pretty disappointing.

    I could have put up with the format if the writing wasn’t so bad.

  4. I find it pretty funny how, for this particular comic, everyone has been given these odd, sage-like words of wisdom from their local comic shop dudes.

    God bless em’.

    Also, awesome site – I’ll be sticking ye on my blogroll of doom thingy.

  5. I thought the review was spot on. Only part I didn’t understand was the part about Joker being blown to bits during the Crisis? Only things I remember about Joker during the Crisis was his killing of the Royal Flush Gang and then he showed up at the very end to kill Alexander Luthor.

    Even though the Joker was shot in Batman and missed a few issues, he also been making apperances in other comics, so it kinda ruined the “event” feel they seemed to want to create with this nonsense.

  6. […] This story features the return of the Joker, who was shot in the face and seemingly blown to bits in the midst of last year’s Infinite Crisis (Note: Jason corrected me here. Joker shot after the Infinite Crisis and wasn’t seemingly blown to bits. I was remembering things wrong!). #663 was supposed to be a very big deal… the return of the Clown Prince. Instead it’s a wordy, boring, cliche NOVELLA for god’s sake! I don’t read books with super hero themes because I always figured they would suck. This issue confirmed my suspicions. […]

  7. This has got to be, without doubt, one of the most over-written, over-wrought, and just flat out pretentious books that I have ever read in the medium. As a story, it failed, as a piece of writing, it failed, as an experiment with the medium it failed, and to in any way entertain, it failed miserably. Grant Morrison is capable of greatness, even when operating outside the box such as he did with Arkham Asylum, but this, it was just a turgid and badly put together mess. Shame too, he finally gets around to doing a Joker story, and he does this with it. Criminal really.

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