Wizard World 2006 in photos part 2

Way back in August of 2006 I posted part one of mine and Bill’s Wizard World Chicago photos.
Then I failed miserably by promising a part two and never fulfilling that promise. Well, here’s part two… 6 months later. Enjoy!

Anime people fighting
Army guys
big dude with girls
big dude with girs
Batman and Batwoman
Glasses Batman
Blue monster of some sort
Captain America, Wolverine and Beast
Captain America
Cat in the Hat

Alien Critter
Doctor Doom
GI Joe Ninja
Green Lantern
Harley Quinn
Kingdom Hearts
Star Wars Jedi
Another Star Wars Jedi
Star Wars Pig
Storm Trooper
Storm tropper and Boba Fett

Thor, Batman with glasses and Captain America are my personal favorites.

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