Action Comics Annual #10

I don’t see the point in an annual. I think it’s just an excuse to charge an extra dollar and an attempt to get more people interested in the featured character, in this case Superman.

Action Comics Annual #10 boasts that it is a 48 page giant annual. It would be better labeled as having 48 pages of fluff. It’s completely pointless stories are strung together in no particular fashion.

There are 5 stories featured in Action Comics Annual #10 and they are as follows:

The Many Deaths of Superman
This was shaping up to be an interesting story. Lex Luthor trekking through the jungle in search of Kryptonite, thinking about the uselessness of Superman and how much he wants to kill him. Then it ended with no point. The “many” deaths of superman turned out to be death by magic, brutal force and kryptonite. That’s three. In my book that hardly qualifies as “many”.
Who is Clark Kent’s Big Brother?
Yet another Mon-El / Lar Gand retelling… you’ve got to be kidding me!
Mystery Under the Blue Sun
How can a two page, eleven panel filler be considered a mystery? The only mystery here is why this “story” got printed. I’ve seen longer comics in newspapers.
The Criminals of Krypton
The origin of General Zod and his cronies… again!
The Deadliest Forms of Kryptonite
Ever wonder what effects the various colors of Kryptonite have on Superman? Yea, me neither, because we already know, DC!

But wait, that’s not all! There happens to be two Special Features in this comic as well:

Secrets of the Fortress of Solitude
A two page spread of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude with little narration boxes highlighting various items in his creepy arctic nest.
Superman’s Top 10 Most Wanted
Ten face shots of ten different villains with their respective bios. I didn’t even finish reading this.

This comic does feature some heavy hitters:
Art Adams, Joe Kubert, Geoff Johns and more. The art is wonderful and the story telling is actually pretty good. Unfortunately their collective talent is wasted on these mini stories. I would have liked either a longer comic, or perhaps 2 stories each extended rather than sliced off prematurely to shove in extra pages of nothing.

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