Batman and the Mad Monk #6

Matt Wagner is amazing. He’s an awesome writer and illustrator. I love the way he depicts Batman. In fact, I love Matt Wagner. Not in an admiring, fan-boy way, but in a creepy, wear-your-skin-like-a-mask, stalker way. I want him to be my second wife.

Ok that’s taking a bit too far I guess… maybe (depending on his answer… the invite is still out there, Matt).

Seriously though, this guy is awesome. He’s right up there with Bob Kane (original creator of Batman for those of you who are retarded).

(Warning: spoilers follow)

In Batman and the Mad Monk #6 Batman has his final showdown with the Mad Monk (real name, Richard Rallstone) on top of a roof. The way Rallstone is defeated is great: incinerated by a lightening bolt that strikes a spear he’s holding. This was much more shocking and satisfying than a long drawn out cliche battle where Batman is nearly defeated but eventually wins out McGuyver style. The end of Madison is nicely done as well.

The greatest part of this comic though was the allusion Batman makes to his first case involving the Joker, as well as an Easter-Egg of sorts on the last page which features a huge billboard for the Flying Graysons.

I absolutely loved Batman and the Monster Men, but Batman and the Mad Monk blew it to tiny little bite-sized chunks.
The covers were awesome, the internal art was much improved, the story was great and the dialogue was awesome. In fact, the only complaint I have is that I don’t know when the next Matt Wagner Batman series is coming out.

More Matt Wagner, DC… less Batman #663!

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