Rachelle Goguen’s Journey into Darkness

Rachelle Goguen (Living Between Wednesdays) recently wrote an article entitled My MARVEL-ous Journey

Which briefly documents what I’m calling her Journey into Darkness:

I am trying to discover why I hold undying love for the DC universe, yet am pretty much apathetic toward the Marvel cast of characters.

She sites three reasons for being enamored with DC over Marvel are:

  1. Marvel’s universe is based around real cities while DC’s are fake. This allows DC’s writers more room for creativity.
  2. Marvel is too quippy and cute.
  3. Spider-Man is annoying.

I agree with points one and two, but I’m a long time Spidey fan and don’t think I’ll ever get sick of him. However Rachelle does apply this assessment to the current Spider-Man who I don’t have a lot of experience with outside of Civil War.

Rachelle is currently blowing lots of money in Orlando Florida at the Marvel Island at Universal Studios, of which she says she will:

…interact with Marvel characters in their natural habitat and, apparantly, “ride them.”

Rachelle, like all Canadians, is hilarious and definitely worth your time. Now if only she would move her site away from the incestuous Blogger.

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