Tales of the Unexpected #5

David Lapham is a very entertaining writer and I continue to enjoy his time on Tales of the Unexpected.

In this issue, Crispus Allen (Spectre’s human “host”) gets a little more jaded and loses yet another piece of his quickly fading humanity.

Mickey Keeble

Mickey Keeble is a boy you don’t take home to mother… because he’ll kill her and wear her dress!

The series opens with a gun wielding maniac named Mickey Keeble, robbing Gotham Central Bank while wearing a dress and sporting random notes written on his face… a bold fashion statement indeed! Mickey basically looks like he was recently a victim of college hazing, where he snapped and decided to kill all who stood in his path. In reality he was experimenting with a new drug that was supposed to cure his Parkinson’s Disease.

Imagine the disclaimer announcement in the television commercial for this new drug:
“Side Effects may include bloating, upset stomach, diarrhea, poor fashion choices or multiple homicides.”

The Spectre makes an appearance just before Mickey offs his sister. He grabs hold of Mickey and just before popping his head like a large zit, apologizes and claims that he’s become “over zealous” and sets Mickey back down.

Spectre grabbing for Mickey Keeble

Mickey then continues the deed of offing his sister by throwing her out of the new hole in the building, which was conveniently placed there by the Spectre who punched his way in.

Way to go Spectre… you basically just assisted a homicide. Shouldn’t you kill yourself now?

Crispus is upset with the Spectre for backing down but soon discovers why he did so. Dr. Moore (an uber nerd working for Caswell Pharmaceuticals) was actually indirectly responsible for the murders being that he’s a money hungry pig who rushed his pathetic work out the door just to make a few bucks.

Moore is injected with Spectre Brandâ„¢ drugs which makes his face organs bubble out of his skin… ouch!

Spectre Syringes kill the Dr. MooreDr. Moore face in shambles

This is your face… this is your face on Spectre Drugâ„¢, any questions?

Sure Tales of the Unexpected is all about comeuppance, but it’s fun. I was genuinely surprised that the Specre didn’t kill Keeble, and I’m really looking forward to the “Shocking Conclusion” when we find out just what happened in the case of the Murdered Slum Lord.

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