The Marvel Universe is in Bad Shape

Why did Joe Quesada agree to killing off Captain America? Why did Aunt May get shot? Why did Spider-Man and Iron Man reveal their true identities to the public, and a host of other heroes register with the government?
Because the Marvel Universe is in bad shape. It needs a reset and the powers that be know this.
It is my belief that the Civil War was the first in a series of events that will eventually get Marvel back to it’s roots.

Things have to get worse before they get better… so Marvel decides to kill off Captain America and Goliath and a host of villains. They decide to reveal identities and make a big social commentary on war. They get rid of most of the mutants, including Jean Grey. They completely pull the rug out from their Universe and make everything appear to be in chaos. However, very soon Marvel will begin to reshape their Universe back to it’s original state.
Captain America will return.
Spider-Man will somehow no longer be known as Peter Parker to the public, and will go back to his original costume.
The Avengers will be reformed (along with Goliath), as will the Fantastic Four.
The X-Men will go back to square one, meaning they will be lead by the professor, and Jean Grey will come back to life.

How will all this happen? Time travel of course! People tend to forget: Nothing in comics is permanent.

When Marvel decides to stop being stupid and gets their Universe back in order, I’ll start reading their comics again. For now, I’m stopping with Civil War, and will go back to reading DC Comics who actually knows how to reshape their Universe in a fun and interesting way.

Thanks for nothing Marvel.

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  1. Ciao!
    I discovered your blog thanks to blog topsites.
    Killing Cap? Nobody believes it’s for real.
    I think Nick Fury has something to do with it.
    Anyway, I’m a huge DC fan and i really hope Jean Gray won’t come back to life: Emma Frost is better!

    Greetings from Italy

  2. Its true what you write. However, I think that the Marvel Universe started getting totally out of whack years ago. The Onslaught story line and subsequent Heroes Reborn stunt sent the universe on its ear. That was actually when I stopped reading comics. They did probably need to changes something. I mean the Avengers can only fight Kang and Ultron so many times, but killing Steve Rogers was just uncalled for.

  3. Scott: Rather than quitting comics altogether, why not switch to independent comics? Invincible, Walking Dead and Fear Agent are a few of my favorites.
    Or at least switch to DC…

  4. FIrst of all.
    For what Quesada said, its not his idea bring back to life all the dead character that fall in CW. For what I understand, the idea of CW was to make a Marvel-World a little more like our world, with war, unfairnes, injustice, etc. So, if anyone make tha “time travelling” idea of yours, it will not be by de handof Quesada.

    Second. If you want to criticise a Company like marvel, you should do it for his actual work. Company depends on people and people in company rotate, so, its ridiculous to make a point with Onslaught or Storylines that take place like ten years ago.

    Third. Of course marvel is changing, and i like change becouse things can go the same way they did in the 40’… ITS BEEN ALMOST 60 YEARS! for christ sake, things change, comics must change too…

    Four. S. Rogers (Cap’s) isnt dead. So dont make an opinion based on what you hear on CNN or THE TIME, becouse that storyes are make just to promotionate the whole thing and sell more.

    Five. I must agree with the last guy, if you had the chance, try reading other things, independent or not. Personally, im amazed with NEWUNIVERSAL.

  5. Pre-Civil War, I was really liking the destruction. House of M was fantastic, and Son of M was even better. I loved where all of that was going, but now it seems to have gotten lost in the wash.

    Since then… I’m not so sure. Civil War had some fantastic moments, but after House of M it seemed Marvel was afraid to finish strong. They already know they have to backpeddle for all the mutants at some point in the not so distant future, and didn’t want to have to rewind everything.

    The only thing here I’m not sure they’ll undo is revealing Spiderman’s true identity. The whole… somebody else is Iron Man, I’m a drunk, no it’s a robot kind of thing Tony Stark has been pulling for years is old. The two of them are out of the closet as far as I’m concerned, and it’s simply a new plot element for Peter.

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