Supergirl #15

I wasted about 15 minutes of my life reading Superhoe #15 today, and like issues #1 – #14, it sucked.
The story involves more references to Supergirl’s already overly referenced past, a fight between Power Boy and Supergirl, and a fairly huge scientific flaw at the end of the book. Mainly though, the comic was trying to deliver a message: domestic abuse is bad.

It all starts with a kiss between the Girl of Steel and the Boy of Creepiness. Power Boy’s power kicks in to high gear and he kicks the crap out of Kara, all the while claiming he loves her and wants to help her, and would be able to, if only she would listen to him.
He ends up dragging her to his lair which contains a massive wall with random photos of Supergirl in various moments of anger, glee and undress. Where he acquired these candid photos is anyone’s guess.
It turns out that Power Boy is actually from Apokolips… a minion of Darkseid. He happened to see Kara during her brief stay in Apokolips and immediately developed an unhealthy fixation on her.

Kara eventually escapes and beats the crap out of Power Boy. The fight ends up in space (big surprise) where Supergirl breaks Father Box (whatever that is) and has to throw it in the sun… but it has a supernova-like effect before it gets there.

While in space Power Boy and Supergirl talk back and forth. That’s really odd since talking involves sound which is completely dependent on air.

This comic was just short of being a Public Service Announcement. The upside of this is, if you’re a girl you now know what to do if your boyfriend knocks you around: threaten to kill him, burn him with your Heat Vision, punch him in the mouth and drop a huge bunker and it’s concrete foundation on his face. If he tries to get away, chase him down and after kneeing him in the crotch, threaten to break every bone in his body… then break some random object that happens to be very dear to him.
Who says comic books don’t teach you anything?

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