Batman vs. Picketers: Batman Arrested!

This has got to be one of the greatest videos I’ve seen in a while.
On Friday, a Batman impersonator was involved in a tiff with some picketers: they wouldn’t let him use their porta-potty. Batman ripped off his cape and threw it to the ground while yelling at the picketers.

Batman even had a little backup from his pal Chewbacca, who was so angry he ripped his own head off.

The LA PD ended up getting involved and busted the caped crusader. Don’t take my word for it: check the video yourself.

Jimmy Kimmel also had a bit to say about it:

You can get the full newscast video on the ABC Los Angeles website.
There are a few funny quotes, my favorite is from one of Batman’s fellow street performers, Hollywood Afro Man:

Hollywood Afro Man “He’s no good for here. That’s why a lot of the characters named him Bat Trash… because he’s got a trashy mouth.”
according to ABC, Batman started banging his head (presumably in to a wall) when they took him in to the station, and kicked out the window of a patrol car. Way to go, Bat-Trash!

Screen caps of Batman’s arrest (click images for a larger view)

Goon yelling at Batman Goon yelling at Batman close up Batman taunting picketers Batman taunting picketers Batman being loaded in to a police car Batman being loaded in to a police car


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