The Fate of Supergirl

The Supergirl title hasn’t been doing so well. From the infamous plea for readers in DC Nation #45, to the outright hatred of some readers, it would seem that Supergirl will sooner or later face the same fate as her predecessors which bore her same name.
Why does DC keep bring Supergirl back, only to off her in the end?
Is the world only big enough for one Kryptonian?

One thing is for certain, Kara is being crammed down our throats whether we read her crappy comic or not.

Besides being featured in her own title comic, and also being the headliner in Supergirl and the Legion of the Super-Heroes, Supergirl death threat she is mentioned in Action Comics #846, in what sounds like a plan for her demise.

She shows up in Superman / Batman #31 and #32, overcome with the ominous alien force that is taking over all of Earth’s Non-Earth heroes. Supergirl and Green Lantern pair up in The Brave and the Bold #2.

That’s a lot of Supergirl for being a character that can’t find her identity and still struggles with thoughts of killing Superman. Hers must be the longest story arc in the history of comic books.

If DC were smart they would kill her off yet again, and this time leave her that way.

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