Justice League of America #6

The spectacular Red Tornado story arc written by Brad Meltzer and illustrated by Ed Benes has come to an end… and a great ending it was! Red Tornado squares off against Solomon Grundy while the rest of the Justice League is occupied in a fight against Amazo.

Amazo is a character that was introduced to the DC Universe in the Brave and the Bold #30 in 1960. Besides having an awesome name, he has the power of all the Justice Leaguers combined, which makes him a formidable foe.

This issue was pretty gruesome, in fact I was pretty surprised to see that it received the Comics Code Authority stamp of approval. They must have looser standards these days, as I hardly think they would have allowed images of a man getting his arm ripped off and then devoured to be approved in the past.

Red Tornado getting his arm ripped off by Solomon Grundy

I was somewhat skeptical of this new Justice League of America in the beginning, but I’m pretty satisfied with the ending of this story arc, and find myself looking forward to the upcoming issues. I enjoyed the intelligent Solomon Grundy, as well as the human Red Tornado.

If you missed this series, I’m sure DC will be releasing a trade paperback version soon. If you’re a fan of the Justice League and of seeing B-List heroes put on the A-List level, pick this comic up. It was well written and well illustrated.

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